For over a decade, we have worked to build the Midnight Paddle, Midnight Pickle and Midnight Machete brand into a creative and energetic collection. Let loose, and have fun with it - you are worth it! - Mike Mo Morrison

About Midnight

Midnight Paddle Tennis and Midnight Machete bring together street and sport for a full line collection of apparel and high-performance gear.  The founder and creator, Mo Morrison, played competitive tennis and platform tennis nationwide which inspired him to create the Midnight brands.  We host Midnight pop-up stores nationwide, and we have a great time meeting new friends and long-time Midnight fans.  We work closely with sports leagues, country clubs, and corporate clients to create the perfect co-branded items, via our Custom Shop.  

Midnight Custom Shop

As popular as our publicly-available collections are, the collaborations between clients and our customers shop are always especially fruitful.

Whether it is adding custom elements, such as logos, event prints, embroidered names, etc. to existing Midnight merchandise, or working with us to develop a fully-custom look, we are ready for action.  

Once all the details are discussed, you can sit back and watch the Midnight Paddle team go to work, making it happen.

Midnight In Action